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Creating Lasting Impact

Through Innovation and Value Tranformation


Veraxia is a management consulting firm that helps organizations with strategy and innovation. We formulate customized solutions through precision diagnostics, rigorous analytics, and insight.  Veraxia was established in 2005 and we formed the named Veraxia from the Latin word Ver (truth/knowledge) and from the old Greek word Axia (value).  This name exemplifies our commitment to identify innovative solutions and realize maximum value for our clients.


We have extensive experience in helping organizations in a broad range of industries architect and build their businesses in the global economy. The application of our quantitative management tools coupled with cross-fertilizing best practices from various industries, creates unique insight. Through this insight we innovate products and formulate superior strategies that leave a lasting impact.


What makes Veraxia unique is its focus on tangible value creation. We do this through the knowledge and experience of our people, whose skills extend from ideation, insights and solutions all the way through to detailed implementation.  We believe that direct industry experience coupled with extensive consulting knowledge in multiple industries and geographical markets allows Veraxia to cross-fertilize best practices and recommend the most optimal solutions.  From the development of innovative products and strategies and solutions right through to their successful delivery, all of our work and support is based on deep insight and expertise.


We are passionate about creating a lasting impact.  Please contact us to see the many ways we can help you grow the bottom line.




◆ Boosting the Front End of Innovation

◆ Customer Acquisition Strategy

◆ Customer Experience Redesign

◆ Emerging Market Entry Strategy

◆ Innovation Program Creation

◆ Market and Customer Segmentation

◆ New Rapid Product Development

◆ Open Innovation and Ecosystem Development

◆ Operating and Business Model Design and Launch


◆ Product and Business Model Pilot Testing

◆ Product Portfolio Optimization to Drive Purchase Propensity

◆ Retail Network Optimization

◆ Sales, Distribution, and Customer Interaction Strategy

◆ Stage Gate Portfolio Management

◆ Value Proposition Development and Product Positioning/Pricing

◆ Voice of the Customer (VOC) training


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Concord, MA 01742


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